Ain’t She Sly

I askt her to show me a smile a day

But that’s not the way that she walks

I urged to stay at my side in the fray

But that’s not the way that she walks

So I sed it’s over

N she sed it never begun

So I sed I’m leavin

N she sed u left wen u come

How can I stay

When all that I say

She spits it right back

In my face like that

It makes me cry

But how can I go

From a woman who knows

I live for the tears

Only she can uprear

Gets me hi

I told her to let me go free now and then

But that’s not the man that she wants

I told her that most of my moods r pretend

But that’s not the man that she wants

So I sed go find him

N she sed he don’t exist

So I sed so take me

N she sed u don’t exist

How can I live

With answers like this

They twist up my hed

Turn desire to dread

Gonna die

But how can I leave

A love so deceived

It gets me back to

The things that r true

Wonder why

I begged her to say that she luvs me a bit

But that’s not the way that she talks

I demanded she tell me that she wd commit

But that’s not the way that she talks

So I sed yr crazy

N she sed ain’t I with u

So I sed I luv u

N she sed I know u do

But how can I luv

Such a mean ruthless thug

She kicks me n tricks me

Mocks me n shocks me

Wanna fly

But how to despise

A woman so wise

She keeps me alive

On the luv she deprives

Ain’t she sly?

Death Palm Beach

my humy run down to Death Palm Beach

to bang da moneysuckle man

he got a yacht say life’s a bleach

and an ocean for a bedpan

he’s such a plucky honky,

took the birds rite outa my south

she’s his gill raker thong key,

lay her waste n fill er up

with luxury assault buy-ho spillage

from the reviscerated mass fault bio-pillage

of his methamobesity drouth house

i can see them

in his godsend

chumming stingaree

as he injects his molder

into her snails of clover

make her my hands to hold her

that she may contain the colder

ain’t got to be this way

but this the way it’s got to be

one long flagitious heyday

of errata cum laude

every mother-fucking building

is a gravestone on my kind

(n yr kind too cuz my kind’s u)

haut gout catastatic geldings

sportin dearth first bibs

at a bled squid dick shuck

on status joe’s scatty patio

overlooking the phoboholic bottom line

O my sister

twerk yr fister

til he breaks his free

don’t gimme that extirpatory summertime

all my fun’s the luv i feel from the life i mind

gonna dance the nite so gently thru the intertwined

that wen the dawn comes on

O bb we gon’

fuck like peckers suckin on sassafras

fuck like manatees in the sweet grass

fuck like jaguarundis on wildcast

O til we blow their homes away

gunnin down to Death Palm Beach

to pull my humy from the haze

take her by the tan n teach

her the terror of her daze

she’s such a punky smacky

i’m bound to bite the brick

but i’m so kicky backy

n my heart’s a hevy stick

we will wrangle

til our tangle

saves or graves the sea

O sinkhole

Half My Life

i’ve wasted half my life

on the only thing i care about.

cast my dyin words

down an autofill that hocks me out.

once yr best is bust

all’s a shudder that u can’t unshout.

who runs the wind?

luvd yr very move

wether i did or not.

held yr mouth in mine

til yr billow’s blew the shit i shot.

we used to shake the space

now we just cam a lot.

cut to the mend.

subscripts for endophones

slave ships in astrodomes

i hate how i sneer

that box they put me in’s

the same box i tried to win

by fallin on my spear

cough in my face

i’ll ask u wut u’d like with that.

burn down my house

i’ll thank u for the habitat.

i hit the muzzle’s gag

so it can spot just wer i’m at.

cue violin.

now i climb on my broken voice

thru the rime wer those smokin boys

thrash in time to the token noise

call me inshell

guess i cdn’t rite

the wrong a bein left for live.

how’d i ever thunk

freedom cd be memorized?

don’t get mor dum

than actin like u can’t decide

wen to say wen.

O ya we had sum fun

tryin to be number one

at tryin again.

but we’re so over now

in our wite hybrid disavow.

happy has not been.

Night Light

Someone stares

From the stars tonite

Into my unknown

And like a shape

In a child’s mind

Stillness takes me home.

And I finally feel

Like a part of the living,

And I’m finally healed

By thoughts of my dying

As I fall apart

Into the shimm’ry,

Cuz someone stares

From the stars

At me.

Someone cares

In the stars tonite

For my spoken wish.

And like the rains

In a dried-up land

Letdown gives a lift.

And I finally feel,

Like I might greet the morning.

And I’m finally healed

By my crazy adoring

As I drift away

Into the shimm’ry,

Cuz someone cares

In the stars

For me.

You long for the sky

When you’re long for the ground,

And the more you look up

The more you fall down,

But even when you stray

You’re still homeward bound

Cuz we’re made to return to the stars.

Someone calls

From the stars tonite

To my broken love.

And like a nest

By no hand toucht

Nuthin’s just enough.

And I finally feel

Like I might forget her,

And I’m finally healed

By feelin’ no better

As I rise asleep

Into the shimm’ry,

Cuz someone calls

From the stars

For me.

Cuz someone’s there

In the stars


Cuz someone stares

From the stars;

You’ll see.

going exthinkt

all the great hermaphroditic cleavage dreams are back at work,

stuck phrases in a leave-no-trace extreme daughter destruction snore

for the hottest happy victim cage fuck ever, His and Hearse,

bout a man bravely gettin off wer every man’s got off before.

i’m student of the weak

an antenatal freak

i’m hot as tank shit

my gunner cranks it

populate the cracker prior to consumption

do not run while running from doing the current thing

if u lose yr feel, stay put in filmic gumption

fight for the privacy of yr auto-muted public longing

u wur born

in a barn

n that barn

is ok.

it’s ok.

now u live

on a farm

n that farm

is on a runway.

c’est la mainstay.

all yr means

all yr genes

all yr memes

all yr built on butter schemes

r so yesterday

i’ve come to see i’m simulated by a payful hate

that the beacons of my overdrive now emanate

from spermandalas that set me on to procreate

with the obstacles my monuments exuviate,

yet thru the muscles of the body that i’m phasing out

gush aboriginals down awe-all drifts that never drought,

bearing mothers for the beauty murk my pain’s about

n all I gotta do to knock em up’s not lock em out.

one nature, under gawd

whittle kids with smog

take a fear abroad

uganda mystagogue

seeing the good in ppl built a road thru my heart

so i stood in the road n got run over by my heart

now there’s a roadside memorial to me in my heart

that sees the good in ppl as they roadhog thru my heart.


somewhere nowhere, dawn.

the motorboats r gone.

it’s the perfect time to be a swan.

pose for audubon.

blonder than a blonde.

it shd be a crime to mow the lawn.

all u need to be freed

is the flaxen creed of the alpenglow.

yr one with the sun ‘fore the day’s begun

if u give it a show.

welcome, disarray.

u’ve come, i sense, to stay.

as the motorboats

in thr drunken pilgrimage

to cut the throats

of the cygnets ‘fore they fledge

make me wanna throw myself away.

O it won’t be long

‘fore the swans r gone.

it shd be a crime to carry on.

but as the lines are drawn

tween the seen and sawn

it’s the perfect time to share yr awe.

cuz no one sees the catastrophes

thr celebrations cause

til a love lament for the innocent

deadlocks thr jaws.

to live i must believe,

tho the day we seize,

there’s a gentleness

in every grasping hand

that craves recess

from the endless death demand

in the harmonies of the seminal reprise:

I’m alive again today

so let live wut may.


Awash in lush lucidity

The whims of nature changing me

I wander free the rift tween now and then.

And as I near to hear the sound

Of how we truly wild abound

Seclusion smiles and I go to town again.

Exuding irrealities

That proffer new divulgencies

Of perfect crackling wisdom nectarine

Exquisite lifting narratives

Concur me systems transitive

Til flesh starvation drags me down again.

That all emerge confused and sweet

And take to violence thru defeat

They suffer at the fists of desperate men

Who can the gifts of peace perceive

If shown them slow, I so believe

Til fear incites my warful rage again.

In self as set as time in dust

I swap desires in open trust

With all who care to share thru thick and thin,

But somewhere in this fair exchange

That asks not who is sick or strange

My doubt uncoils and I close off again.

The gorgeous rich and generous day

Wherein no child’s restricted play

Swells full my heart with its precious oxygen,

Til sadness like a bug immune

To all we know my strength consumes

So I get high on filth and I crash again.

The endless edge whence none can swerve

Whose mystery all the world unnerves

I welcome with a godless cool amen

For I’m a dream in matter’s mind

And need no sense but its design

Til the lies of life make me fear death again.

How like a corpse in roiling surf

I bang the rocks with every surge

Of my unconscious sea-old regimen,

Til my love walking long the beach

Beholds my body in her reach

And with a breath she revives my soul again.


Dark is the amber round my agency.

Lost are the records of my injury.

Too sweet the savor of my bitter me.

But what of that?

I know the church from the chat.

And round me the good times shall gather

When finally I walk with my father.

Unmet the promise of my policy.

Disdain the quarry of my dignity.

My furnace feeds upon the weeping tree.

But I don’t care.

To be is not to beware.

And anarchy shall be my brother

When finally I dream for my father.

False are the factors of my jealousy.

Self-fed the wellsprings of my agony.

Each night I burn myself in ecstasy.

But damn it all.

Ya can’t get up til ya fall.

And lies shall be dear to the lover

When finally I sleep with my father.

But is this longing just a sign

Of all the meaning he’s denied?

Must you inveigle his distant glare

To see the loss I know is there?

Sick is the science of my remedy.

My life but handicaps my progeny.

How hollow rings my self-sung victory.

Yet so I say.

Rome is built every day.

And there shall be ruins to discover

When finally I die for my father.

As I look out on what’s inside of me,

I see the future’s what it used to be,

And I am stuck in opportunity.

What then to do

When memorials rust with the dew?

O all shall be one with the other

When finally I rise as my father.

Can’t Fade Away

I hide my yelk in theramones

But I can’t fade away.

I mold my lak in pyrofoams

But I can’t fade away.

I liv belo the ded

Who’ve sed al I hav sed

But this boot upon my head

Smells strangely of the sanctums I have tred.

I crawl into a crashing car

But I can’t fade away.

I brand my brain with oubliettes d’art

But I can’t fade away.

I breed with voyeur cams

In sitcom sonograms

to forge deformity

but my stillbirth keeps outperforming me.

I lard my loathe with the illth of plath

But I can’t fade away.

I stash my past in the aftermath

But I can’t fade away.

I drop my pants in class

And calculate my ass

But the havoc i conceive

Aspirates the failure I receive.

I key my code in an open source

But I can’t fade away.

I trace my gaff to fillop’an sores

But I can’t fade away.

I permeate my niche

A decorated ditch

Now nothing’s left to eat

Save the prey that walks on my had feet.

I post a fake impersonal

But I can’t fade away.

I look like some new visual

But I can’t fade away.

And al I really want

Is sum old mindless spot

Wer mind is all I got

So I can be the hot shot I am not,

So I can pass this diagnosing clot,

So I can seep into ur retro-twat.