outermost mouthwash

her haute is in the loam
n she fuk like a foal

i cdn’t catch her name
so it hit me
now i jag to pollenize her lode.

she wombed me with her beet
til i chukt up her sleech.

she never been to bane
cuz she throe tea
like they gro along the cliffs of sleep.

elemation unsubdued
impetess of planetude
teem yr vainquishings allude

gona sweat u
smoke for hire
set yr yoke on fire

but i wet u
mine my slime
n stik it on the dime

n i bet u
our luv dispel
that shithed smell


yr dying for a drink
yr flux is in yr drink
yr innermost’s a drink
yr blithering a drink
yr drunk without a drink

O mother man
stoke yr of-er gland
n smote this plundersham


her sump is up my tung
n i spunk out her cunt

my sust is all she shed
like a mud bee
ruckin deep into the smuk she spun

she feeds my jumpy freak
from the lips of her teet

blood udder in my hed
touchy think drip
i’m a sponge can only breathe yr reef

u r nower to be ground
property’s yr hand-me-round
of our deference u redound

gonna kind u
hub my thrust
in yr flockin lush

til i find u
flashin ass
at the protoclast

then i sign u
all my cut
to gut the glut


yr fighting for a joke
yr choking on a joke
yr jerking off a joke
yr sad cuz yr a joke
yr joke is not a joke

O steader seed
goad yr deader breed
to globe a spreader we’d


her flame is in yr brain
n she burn to arraign.

i wanna be a woman

i wana be a woman.
sea-shel colections ain’t the sea.
and distraction is a poet’s best frend.
i ota noe, but I don’t noe y.

i beleve in a pain that isn’t pain
as I wander endles thru my mama’s hair.
life is hangin up on a helthy prospect,
but it’l cal bak if u’r a woman.

to noe I made the child,
to feel that sister thing,
to hear myself in secrets,
to luv bewildering,
to be given away
to a rich and brutal man,
my king of rage and candy
wen I’m a woman.

if I can invert my frazes for wit,
maybe I can faze my wit thru inversion.
O to lose my opresiv rigor
in the sweet embrace of my unnoen fears!

i’m set to get fixt and lose my temper.
the beach’l be a whole difrent experiens.
wut’s so extreme about bein extremist?
me, I wana be god, aka woman.

to rile with my beauty,
to paint my litl toe,
to take it from behind,
to weep away my woe,
to liv in other’s eys,
to snare the thing I shun,
al craving my expozur
wen I’m a woman.

ok, so my body is my templ.
problem bein, I’m an atheist
who despises clasic arkitectur.
my place of worship is the futur.

sumtimes our blemish is our blessing,
or it can be for a hiden fee.
wen I grow up I’m gona be a ded man.
til then I’m livin like a woman.

to be soft and curvy,
to play beyond the pun,
to face my foe with pity,
to laf away the gun,
to be forbid the field
wer deth defines the man,
the mor I bleed, the mor I breed,
wen I’m a woman.

one of a kinda luv

is ther a need in my eye?
am i the star of the frozen play?
how’s this for suicide?
ain’t i free if it duzn’t pay?
and the winner is debris?
do i look like a better place?
shd i fail to feel pristine?
will u hold me wen i’m all ablaze?

i don’t mean to lay yr inlet on the line
but u shd hav a glass of runnin outta time
so u can bild yr smess a pretty litl shrine
wer i’ll fuk it out of yr body
so u can rest yr hed about it, honey.

n we’ll roll up the dud
n we’ll bounce with a thud
in our one of a kinda luv.

cd u leve me half alone?
is ther too much no in my nod?
did u just put me on metronome?
how u like the shit i’m on?
do i lak for incident?
shd we go more unaligned?
wut’s yr thing with wut u ment?
nuthin’s steeper than the floor i’ve climbed.

maybe step it bak from alredy off the ledge
strum yr new best frend wile i fix a tasty spred
then we’ll squeez our thx out the water and the bred
as i fuk it into yr body
so u can rest yr hed about it, honey.

n we’ll punk all the grudge
til we bask in the budge
of our one of a kinda luv.

we don’t got room for room we don’t got.
our lot ain’t squat but the plot we sought.
so run yr doves thru my gills
n let my wolves take yr hills.

wish i nu how to lose the teethe
keeps my soothin a-hurtin u, baby.
wish i nu how to disbeleve
yr the shush that can finally say me.
sumthin tells me i can’t hear
anything but the song i’m stuk on.
sumthin tells me i can’t fear
anything but the spawn i suk on.

how ’bout we settle down n hit the hungry hive,
in the sticky sweet we’ll drown til we’re alive,
n if we get stung it’ll only make us wise
how to fuckin be in our bodies
wen our heds r hookt on our honies.

n we’ll noe wer to thrust
so we clone wut we crush
with our one of a kinda luv.

wee woo woe.

misses pieces / i ruin

u noe wut peace is,
misses pieces?
the fallen marble head,
formerly deranged?
animals in edibles,
warmly estranged?
new metabolic modalities,
half out of range?
unstoried longings
held in throng,
u gotta let go to get along,
cuz when u imperil the folkloric glare
there’s just so much barely there.
like an underweight balloon
with a miraculous rack
mocking industrial lag,
yr not yr mom cuz yr camera’s yr dad.
this is the world that men commit
n yr disastrously unfinisht business,
a healthy, assenting resistance
to the perfect outfit
of california lighting tools
packaged in resizable
amateur overpaid ridicule.
duzn’t the lexicon machine
streaming between yr legs
how the psychotropic sexy
bums but never begs
show desire is running
out of ideas because
they’re on fire?
yr so hot u’ll burn hell,
that blushing pit wer men
who know thr mutations
sicken children
go to cry n shoot thr colonel,
but this never wanting to figure
into wut yr figure’s about
is hard to figure out,
even for u, but nobody gets
wut u do, tho we apparently
all die from it.
sampled applause, cue moebius clit.
that elegant shamble
of an unsold pose
fills yr fighting lens
with the transparent crowd
who feel yr not that pretty
til u get yr nose
ground in the shitty
scramble of creep n cleanse.
if only we cd open our hearts
to yr transient keepsake
without first stuffing them
with our second birthday cakes.
staring as if newly washed ashore
from a biological clock fail,
the humble agrarian
in yr boring cocktail
gives u the shrugs
so spacious u look like
a rising star on outdated drugs.
other girls have better everything
except a sadder way of noticing.
u’ve touched yrself up
into the impatient iconic:
how will u ever get representation
if u hate captivity
in the constant topic?
ain’t it just like snow white
to weigh dicks
wen all they’re doin
is tryin to dump thr diet?
part fondle, part frisk,
like a dreidel that won’t drop
until it’s gelt,
yr so wut’s that word?
as the snake sed to the bird:
i’m groping for
a more grounded spot
wence i can peel
myself open
n reveal the frenetic
in my system
whose aesthetic is best
described as not.
privacy is invasion
so yr an absence artist.
i shall call yr
unreachable raw materials
perfection, that super social
sardonic brand
with periodic bouts of
torture via reflection
on demand. so welcome
to the nature center,
misses pieces. please
germinate alone
with the curator
of unmastered releases
that u own our unknown.

i ruin the party i run
i reach for u simply to stun
i live for the caring i shun
i ruin the party i run

i squander the wonder i won
i don’t taste the doom til i’m dun
i’d kill to weigh in at a ton
i squander the wonder i won

suppuration intubation
arrogation population

castellation liberation
ostentation occupation

extirpation veneration
desecration renovation

spiflication simulation
vegetation tenebration

lamentation germination
generation live cremation

wen will this be home?

she my music

wen i wuz yung n creepy for freebies
i fug’d my yuks on the hop-slop cheapies
wow, it did me in

then i found they don’t make luv to go
ya gotta stand around if u wana noe
how to man a kin

so now i’m her music

wana feel rain’d out
wana keel yr spout
wana squeal out yr snout

woo woo

wen i wuz old n woozy for wuzzies
i rapt my pap in the first-burst snuggies
ow, it chappt my hind

but there’s no hugs in the has-been hanker
n yr the one getn prikt if ya prank yr vow
to pork yr pine

so i’m still her music

wana be yr bruiser
wana ghee yr oozer
wana retransfuse ya

woo woo

wen i dremt of my myth-kisst sweety
i kept her coopt in the dunge of my dote-bloat
brow, an unmade bid

then a nite i herd her singin needy
for that seekin space wer yr wings don’t
cow, so i flippt the lid

n now i’m her music

wana mean hooky lik
wana stream wen u clik
wana scream til i kik

woo woo

tend well the dautrs

tend wel the dautrs
for days un-numberd,
smiles unencumberd
shine on the dautrs.

let them wunder freely
of worlds deep within them,
hold ther hands ungainly
that no fear rescind them.

hew them homes in al wethrs,
toss them not thru the nethrs,
wok them gently cros the watrs,
our best mothrs mix these dautrs.

hold thy dautrs
thru the slotrs
less ther bothrs
make no othrs.

share them stories
of the lost and lonely,
teach their souls to love them
for their lovin’ only.

send thy dautrs
to lands unloggered,
wealth unmaugured
heft on the dautrs.

help them trust outrightly
all that confounds them
that ther narls nitely
may unbound them.

smell the sun

yo, sik it out, i’m a failure
sho me no go n i’ll trail her
best shot’s a target for my misfire
gung ho self snuff comical, esquire

u tried to drain my doozy
chamomile wanderoo albright floozy
ship u a wreck n u’ll sail her
how’s it feel goin down on a failure?

u didn’t have to helm my hailstorm
u didn’t have to lift my kilt
u didn’t have to dance my cruciform
u didn’t have to milk my milt
but u smell the sun in me

ape trap, smog pomp, fetal rage, bridegloom
i snarf rivulets like a pentateuch craccoon
brik-dikt benzene splattermask oversoul
my trikt-out luxury tank roadhoggd yr blowhole

now we do fukitupasana
one propeller, two palama
it’s like the waive of the suture
bitch kills wutever cutes her

u didn’t have to buy my forgery
u didn’t have to hug my torch
u didn’t have to mirror my malady
u didn’t have to stud my corpse
but u smell the sun in me

freedom’s al how u fuk gun
ain’t paid shit but i demand a refund
sho me my bomb n i’ll bail her
so fun livin off a failure

i wana clear the air
i wana lap the dew
i wana share my share
i wana smell like u

tell me everything u noe
n i’ll be everything u don’t.

wait on the willo

i am falling away from this world.
i am falling away from this world.
u r calling me bak to u, girl.
but I am falling away from this world.

who took the trip from this place
n chased it into my lip now
forsook of exterior like wrecks
of here don’t noe how to go
wer they mite denote the rite
disrepair for finding a way
to persist without unbinding
devout from abjure til the grab
duzn’t pay cuz the seafront we kill
haks a chunk of our free traks
round sour and junkt leading
blot to abound in the service
of not feeding necropolis
wut we ota protect so ravage
duzn’t devive slime we gotta
lavish with the time of our life?

gotta wait on the willo.

u r crawling into the fire.
u r crawling into the fire.
i am calling you bak to me, child.
but u r crawling into the fire.

who put yr face on the brakes
so’f I try to bate the race I
fuk yr looks with my pussyfoot
then u get pushy n flex
yr waste til I vet my sex of
the thrill it took to suk my mind
cross the bottom-line so I could
savor the overcum loss of
another form of behavior from
the same-storm that leaves a lover
lame cuz his seeds maim a truer
quorum on costs we incur wen
we blur the fist into a wrist so
the tit we twist can’t be misst
cuz it don’t exist ‘cept as inept
at planting wuz we won’t?

gotta wait on the willo.

lookin for the crak in dependency
wer you been dumpin in it
all yr obedience to voracity
for jumpin smak in yr shit
hopin I can hak yr infertility
with my germinant precipitator
so all the wrak stuk up yr autonomy
pops out my suppliant denominator
sproutin yr post-forgottn proclivity
into a past unparagoned
by natural incompatibility
so u can get yr chimeric on
n orphic with mutual originality
we’ll roll the gamut of
a catchall-begotten sentimentality
out our incunabular qua.

we r sprawling our stain with a shrug.
we r sprawling our stain with a shrug.
she is calling us bak to her luv.
but we r sprawling our stain with a shrug.

giv it up now.
liv it up now.
pak it up now.
pik it up now.

tell me y yr alive
tell me y yr a lie